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Whether you are starting an online business, a mom-and-pop store, or starting up a real estate investment career for yourself, our professionals have the knowledge to make the process seamless for you.

Regulations are ever changing; they vary from State to State and Country to Country. Our professional Attorneys in Seminole, Florida are skilled to guide you every step of the way, including determination of the type of Corporation that will serve your needs, and which would be structured to drive your company’s success. Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Licenses, Permitting, leave it to us. We will do the paperwork, while you concentrate on building your business.

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Florida Business Planning Attorney

Why Do I Need a Business Planning Attorney?

In addition to the basic business contract, it may be essential for your business to have a corporation formed. If you are starting a business, no matter how much experience you already have as an entrepreneur, it can be beneficial to keep in mind that this is a marathon and not a sprint. You must pace yourself and think ahead while keeping your eyes on the finish line. Acquiring appropriate legal guidance will help you avoid pitfalls and unforeseen challenges along the way.

Bailey Legal Group’s corporate law practice is designed to help clients prepare for the future of their business, including potential mergers, acquisitions and expansions. We have extensive experience with all aspects of corporate law, including formation of small/large businesses and corporations, LLCs, partnerships, estates and trusts.

Bailey Legal Group offers a free initial consultation where we will assist you in your decision to form your new business and get you started.

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